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MLB Draft 2015: Everything a Cleveland Indians fan needs to know

Time to add some shiny new playthings to the mix...

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The 2015 MLB draft begins tonight with rounds 1 and 2, along with the compensation picks (for teams that lost big free agents) and competitive balance picks (for teams in small markets and/or with low revenues). The draft continues on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Here's what you need to know...

How can I follow the draft?

To begin with, be here with us at Let's Go Tribe. We'll have an open thread going for fans to discuss every team's picks as they happen, and we'll cover each of the Tribe's Day 1 picks in greater detail.

The draft will be streaming live at, and tonight's picks will be broadcast on the MLB Network. If you don't have that channel, and can't stream the draft. In addition to all that, and to the knowledge we're dropping, you can also track each pick by following @MLBDraftTracker on Twitter. The MLB At Bat app will have coverage as well.

Also be sure to check out SB Nation's 2015 MLB Draft coverage for previews, commentary, and recaps.

Here's the broadcast schedule:

June 8

6 p.m. ET - Draft preview show on MLB Network and

7 p.m. ET - Live Draft (Round 1 through Competitive Balance round B) on MLB Network and

June 9

1 p.m. ET - Live Draft (Rounds 3-10) on

June 10

12 p.m. ET - Live Draft (Rounds 11-40) on

What picks do the Indians hold?

The Indians have 3 picks during Day 1:

  • #17 (1st round)
  • #42 (competitive balance pick)
  • #59 (2nd round)

On Day 2 the Tribe's first pick (3rd round) will be number 93 overall. Next up will be #124, and then every 30th pick through the end of round 40, which wraps up the draft on Day 3.

What's the slot value of the Indians' picks?

Each pick during the first 10 rounds has a slot value. For example, the #1 overall pick in the draft (held by Arizona) has a $8.62 million slot value, while picks in the second half of round 10 have a slot value of $149,700. Teams are allowed to sign each of their draftees to whatever contract they like, but there are penalties if a team's total expenditures exceed the total slot value of their picks.

Last year the Indians used some of their picks on players they knew they could sign for a lot less than their slot value, which freed up money for them to go over the slot value for other players. In general, a player coming off his senior year of college can be expected to sign for below slot value, because he doesn't have the option of staying with the NCAA. On the other hand, a talented high school player has a scholarship offer waiting for him, and is more likely to go unsigned if a team doesn't reach or exceed the slot value.

Slot value for each Tribe pick:

  • 1) $2,393,600
  • CB) $1,468,400
  • 2) $1,041,900
  • 3) $617,100
  • 4) $452,400
  • 5) $338,700
  • 6) $251,100
  • 7) $190,100
  • 8) $169,900
  • 9) $158,700
  • 10) $149,700

The combined slot value of all of the Tribe's picks in the first 10 rounds is $7,231,600. If they exceed that total, they must pay a tax on it. If they exceed that total by more than 5%, they pay a tax and lose future draft picks (that won't happen). The slot value for any draft picks who are not signed is subtracted from the available funds (meaning that if the Indians don't sign their 5th round pick, their combined slot value drops by $338,700).


Are there any players, or types of players you're hoping to see the Indians draft tonight?