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Giovanny Urshela called up from Triple-A, will make Cleveland Indians debut Tuesday

So long for now, Lonnie Baseball.

Rick Scuteri-USA TODAY Sports

Sunday's loss to the Baltimore Orioles was the same old tired story for the Cleveland Indians. Carlos Carrasco didn't look like his usual self, but the defense - particularly the left side of the infield - was a total black hole. The entire left side of the field has been a constant defensive struggle for the Tribe, and the organization has finally said enough. Third baseman Lonnie Chisenhall and shortstop Jose Ramirez have both been demoted to make room for Zach Walters and one of the organization's top prospects, Giovanny Urshela.

So far in his short career, the 25-year-old Zach Walters has floated between the minors and majors, primarily being called up to the big show when a spot temporarily needs filled. His .178/.233/.408 career slash line in 163 plate appearances leaves a lot to be desired, but the switch-hitting utility infielder can act as a solid enough backup for nearly every position on the field.

The big story of these recent transactions is of course Giovanny Urshela, who will be making his Major League debut Tuesday against the Seattle Mariners. Urshela is still young at 23 years old, but he's already impressed scouts in the minors since he was signed by Cleveland as an international free agent in 2008. Urshela is considered to be the top third basemen in the Indians organization (particularly for his impressive defense), and he won the Lou Boudreau award last year for being the top position player in the Cleveland Indians farm system. So far in an injury-shortened 2015 campaign Urshela has put up a .276/.295/.487 slash and three home runs in 78 plate appearances while flashing his glove at third base.

Urshela has missed a handful of games this year with a back issue, but he appears to be back on track. If the Indians brass is willing to call him up now, they likely feel the issue is behind him entirely.

As for what the Indians starting infield will look like now, my money is on Mike Aviles playing full time at short with Urshela at third and Walters backing them all up, or possibly platooning for Aviles. The right-handed Aviles has been platooned with Jose Ramirez for most of the year, but with that option obviously gone he'll most likely see a lot more playing time. It could also just be that the team feels he's been good enough recently to bat against right-handed pitchers. Even with Ramirez on the team, Aviles started four of the last four games at shortstop the Tribe.

So reset your Lindor clocks, we haven't struck midnight yet.