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Prop bets on Jason Kipnis, the White Sox struggles, and more

MVP! ...MVP! ...MVP!

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Who doesn't like a fun wager or two?

My friends and I argue about sports-related stuff all the time, including baseball. Those disagreements lead to prop bets, spreadsheets, email chains, silly stakes, angry text messages, and numerous hard feelings. Yep, it's great, and we've been busy lately.

Let's look at recent wagers we've made and check on some previous bets to see just how many free Taco Bell lunches are in my future . . .

Jason Kipnis' MVP Finish

Back Story: A few of my friends jumped on the "Jason Kipnis is overrated" bandwagon after his struggles this April.  I'm a huge Kipnis homer, as I've always been a huge fan of his, and I had to stick up for him more than I would have liked at the start of the season.  Needless to say, it was awesome to watch his amazing May.

My friends still weren't buying him long-term though and thus a prop was born.  We each got to pick two consecutive places for this year's final MVP voting.

I've Got: Kipnis finishes 2nd or 3rd

Who's the Favorite: One friend has 6th or 7th, while another took 11th or 12th.  If Kipnis finishes in any other spot, we'll go with closest to.  If Kipnis bombs the rest of the year, 11th or 12th sure looks good with that closest to provision.  If he wins MVP, well that would be pretty amazing for the Tribe, plus I'd win the prop.  C'mon Kip!

Over/Under White Sox Wins:  75.5

Back Story: My neighbor grew up outside of Chicago and still likes all things Cubs.  Obviously then it's easy for him to find plenty of reasons to cheer against the White Sox.  While chatting with him a few days ago, the White Sox poor start came up.  Jumping at the opportunity, I fueled the fire a bit and got a little wager for some BBQ set up.

I've Got: Over 75.5 wins

Who's the Favorite: Looks like I'm the slight favorite, with Fangraphs currently projecting the White Sox at 77 wins.  This prop bet does go against one of my cardinal rules of friendly wagering; never bet on something you don't want to cheer for.  I certainly don't want to cheer for the White Sox, but I thought White Sox wins might come in handy later in the season when they are playing contenders for the Central or Wild Card spots.  Plus, my neighbor makes some pretty delicious pulled pork BBQ.

Updating Previous Bets

Full prop details here:

Strikeout Battle -- Kluber/Bauer vs Kershaw/Greinke

I've got the Indians.  Kluber leads the league with 96 K's (yes!) and Bauer's 65 equal 161, while Kershaw's 90 and Greinke's 58 equal 148.  Looking good so far, hoping for many reasons that the Tribe pitchers stay healthy.

Over/Under MLB Games Played in 2015 -- Lindor 85.5

I've got the under.  Still no Lindor in Cleveland, and with him struggling some at the plate, I don't expect him up for at least a few weeks.  Jose Ramirez's struggles do worry me, as Lindor is just a call away for the contending Tribe.  Still, feeling pretty good here.

Francona Ejections

I've got one and so far he's been run only once.  Keep it together Tito!


Where will Jason Kipnis finish in the MVP voting?  Would you go over or under on White Sox wins?  Will Lindor be up soon and reach 86 games played?

Most importantly, what's a good prop my buddies and I missed, as we always need some new action.