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Roberto Perez was the best player on the Indians last week. Should that happen?

A 1-5 record, but it wasn't (quite) all bad.

Jason Miller/Getty Images

Each week I select someone as the Cleveland Indians' top player of the previous week. Then, because this is a dictatorship, but not a totalitarian one, I let you all have your say as well. Some weeks it's a no-brainer, while other weeks there are multiple guys with a strong case. (Occasionally there are weeks when no one has a strong case.)

Previous winners:

  • April 6-12: Carlos Santana (my choice, and by a single vote, winner of the voting)
  • April 20-26: Brandon Moss (my choice), Michael Brantley (reader vote)
  • May 4-10: Danny Salazar (my choice), Jason Kipnis (reader vote)
  • May 11-17: Corey Kluber (my choice, and by a single vote, winner of the voting)
  • June 1-7: Brandon Moss (with 73% of the vote)
  • June 8-14: Shaun Marcum (first PotW to be designated for assignment during their reign)
Last week was the kind of week that makes you feel like there couldn't possibly be anyone deserving of an honor like this, but there were actually some very good individual performances, despite the team's 1-5 record.

The Candidates

Carlos Carrasco

Carrsco started the Tribe's on victory last week, and did more than his share of the work in making sure they didn't go winless. Carlos pitched 8 innings, allowing just 2 runs on 5 hits and 1 walk, while striking out 7. If not for a J.D. Martinez homer in the 7th, Carrasco might have been given the chance to go for the shutout.

Jason Kipnis

Kipnis hit .320/.370/.420 in 27 plate appearances last week, for a wRC+ of 131. He's been do good, all of those figures lowered his season numbers. In an awful week for the offense, Kipnis tied for the team lead with 3 runs scored and 3 RBI. He had 4 hits on Tuesday, including his league-leading 23rd and 24th doubles of the year.

David Murphy

Murphy hit .538/.571/.769 in 14 plate appearances last week, giving him a wRC+ of 287. He hit a pinch hit home run on Monday, and collect 4 hits in the second game of Sunday's doubleheader. The Indians lost both those games, but don't blame Murphy.

Roberto Perez

Perez only had 11 plate appearances last week (and wouldn't have gotten that many if Yan Gomes didn't still look so off since his return from the DL), but he sure made them count, hitting .500/.545/1.200, for a wRC+ of 381. Monday he went 2 for 4, doubling and hitting his 5th home run of the season. On Tuesday he went 1 for 4 with another double. Sunday night he went 2 for 4 with two doubles.

The Verdict

While I don't usually like to go with a position player who only played in half the team's games, I think Perez's numbers are strong enough to make him the top choice among the hitters, which turns it into him vs. Carrasco for me. Carlos was really good, but not incredible. (and he didn't have to face Miguel Cabrera, who was given the day off in a show of mercy by Detroit) It's close, but for me Perez's great hitting (5 XBH in 10 AB!) is the winner.

Congratulations, Roberto!

P.S. - Over the last calendar year, Perez has outhit Gomes. Roberto's wRC+ for that time is 110, Yan's is 105. I wish we had the healthy, fully operational version of Gomes, but Perez has to be one of the best backups in the league, and I'm happy to know him.