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Cleveland Indians drop another series, mowed down 4-0 by Ubaldo, Orioles

The Tribe slumped to an abysmal 4-0 defeat by the Orioles in which they managed just four singles against a dominant Ubaldo Jimenez.

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Indians 0, Orioles 4

box score

Indians fall to 33-40


Frankly, this was an utterly dismal display all-around by the Tribe, with Trevor Bauer looking very hittable and most of the offense looking like they can't hit. Everyone played like they had a plane to catch, having apparently forgotten that there was no rush as they have to play another game first.

Trevor Bauer started rather erratically, giving up a walk in the 1st and then hitting Steve Pearce on the back in the 2nd. The Orioles then established a two-run lead with two outs in the 3rd when Jimmy Paredes jumped on a first pitch fastball and sent it over the fence at right center field. Manny Machado then added a solo lead-off homer in the bottom of the 6th and after doubles by Paredes and Chris Davis the game was basically already over at 4-0. Bauer did make it through seven innings, but the Orioles struck a bunch of hard-hit balls and it wasn't a very pleasant  spectacle.

Clutching at straws for some positives, at least Jeff Manship pitched well in relief after he inherited runners at 1st and 3rd from Nick Hagadone in the 8th. And Francisco Lindor was superb in the field, starting off a couple of tough double plays and generally looking like everything one hopes he will be.

While Bauer was scuffling, Ubaldo Jimenez was making mincemeat of the Tribe's hitters, striking out seven in the first four innings as he belied his typical walk-prone modus operandi and pounded the strike-zone. All the Tribe could manage in the first five frames was a pair of singles by Michael Brantley and Brandon Moss as Ubaldo was dominanting.

The Indians did have a chance to get something going in the 6th when Giovanny Urshela led things off with a single and, with two outs, Brantley singled for the second time, but David Murphy flied out on the warning track to end the inning. Ubaldo then retired the next six in order to make it to 8 IP for the first time all year.

Jason Kipnis' terrific hitting streak was halted at 20 games, the longest in MLB so far this season

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