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Tribe players and staff alike embrace advanced stats

And it's not just Trevor Bauer building drones

Jennifer Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

After another disappointing series loss against the hate Tigers, the Indians head into a weekend series with the Orioles. It's high time the Tribe starts winning, or else this season is basically in the toilet. On a happy note, though, it's Friday. So, uh, yay! Here are some exciting baseball happenings collected in a series of links intended to inform you:

Indians news & notes

Indians strong believers in advanced stats | - This won't come as a shock to most here, as the Indians front office has always been on the cutting edge of statistical analysis in MLB. But now, even the players have embraced the movement in full force. Whether it's Cody Allen reviewing his Ptich-f/x data or Brandon Moss perusing Fangraphs, the whole team is on board.

Indians at a loss for answers when it comes to Tigers | DTTWLN - The Indians' complete failure to handle Detroit is something that has been discussed in length in recent LGT articles and comment sections. Craig Gifford adds his take on the situation, reiterating what many here have said: if the Indians want to contend, they've got to find a way to beat the Tigers.

Lake County Captains midseason review | Burning River Baseball - The Midwest League All-Star Game is in the books, so what better time to check in on how the Captains are doing this year? The solid Captains team has been lead by Bobby Bradley's tremendous power and Justus Sheffield's strong first half pitching.

Tidbits from around MLB