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Danny Salazar admits he "gave the game away" against Tigers


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Another day, another crushing defeat at the hands of the Tigers. But hey, at least some kid got a bat from Miggy so at least one Tribe fan is happy today. In other news, Giancarlo Stanton can hit a baseball really far, and a dad made a catch while nearly choke-holding his baby.

Here are your news and notes for Wednesday June 24, 2015.

Indians 3, Tigers 7

Tuesday night's game against the Tigers went from precarious to disastrous in an instant thanks to an error from Danny Salazar. With an inning-ending double play in his sights, the Dzar dropped the ball and the Tigers capitalized, scoring five straight runs and burying the Tribe early. If you're a masochist, why not read our recap from Phil Kehres? (

Not surprisingly, Salazar wasn't happy with himself after the loss and he admitted that he "gave the game away," in a post-game interview. There's always next start, but this one is going to sting for a while. (

It wasn't all bad news: Jason Kipnis extended his hitting streak to 18 games and tallied four hits in the loss. (

Indians news & notes

In case you missed it, father time himself was designated for assignment by the Cleveland Indians in order to make room for some younger bullpen help. Despite the immense respect that everyone has for Scott Atchison, it was just time to make a move. With a slowing fastball and an aging arm, manager Terry Francona knew that a change had to be made. Austin Adams has been called up to replace him. (

Cody Norman over on Wahoos on First asks the question that is on almost every Tribe fan's mind: what in the world do we do with Carlos Santana? He isn't hitting, and he isn't walking enough to make up for the total lack of hitting anymore. How long can you stick with someone playing at that level before it's time to make a move? (

Akron RubberDucks first baseman Ronny Rodriguez was a home run shy of hitting for the cycle in Tuesday's game against the Reading Fightin' Phils. The rest of the Double-A squad, including prospect Erik Gonzalez, piled on to lead the RubberDucks to a 9-4 victory. (

As reparations for destroying everything we know and love on a monthly basis, Tigers slugger Miguel Cabrera gave a young Indians fan his bat and gloves during last night's game. (

Around the league

Stephen Strasburg looked great in his return from a DL stint, throwing five shutout innings against Atlanta Braves. He was removed after only 94 pitches, so presumably the Nationals had a pitch count in mind for the oft-injured pitcher as they hope to see him return to a dominant form sooner rather than later. (

Former Indians pitcher CC Sabathia has looked bad this year as a starter for the New York Yankees -- real bad. The big lefty is carrying a 5.65 ERA and hasn't looked good all year. Sabathia claims he is healthy, which almost makes it worse. Despite all this, manager Joe Girardi is sticking with him as the team's starter for the near future at least. (

Dave Cameron over at FanGraphs thinks it's time to blow up the Chicago White Sox and I wholeheartedly agree. Oh, he means their roster... yeah that's a good idea too. (

This video of a dad catching a ball while clinging to his baby looks bad at first glance, but as a dad who has done the "one hand hold and feed a baby at the same time pose," I can assure you that the baby is perfectly secure. Granted, I've never done had to do it while also catching a baseball, so maybe there is a bit more danger involved. Still, it's an impressive catch by a dad just a few days late for a great Father's Day video. (

Breaking news: Giancarlo Stanton hit a baseball. Really hard. (