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Salazar's error opens floodgates for big Tiger inning as Tribe falls 7-3

A ninth inning rally and Jason Kipnis' most LeBron-ian efforts couldn't salvage this one.

Roberto Perez watches Danny Salazar ruin the entire game in one fell swoop
Roberto Perez watches Danny Salazar ruin the entire game in one fell swoop
Jason Miller/Getty Images

Tigers 7, Indians 3

box score

Indians fall to 32-38



Rare is the case where one can say a 7-3 game was decided on a single play. For the sake of dramatic effect, though, let's just say that's exactly how this disaster of a game went down.

Danny Salazar was cruising through the game, mowing down Tiger hitters like nobody's business. Sure, he gave up a few hits here and there, but he was mostly cruising. After giving up a homer to Andrew Romine in the 3rd inning, the next six outs recorded by Salazar were strikeouts. Two batters into the 5th inning, he had struck out eight in total. But by batter #3, anything and everything Salazar was doing well had ceased. With one out and a runner on second, he walked two straight batters to load the bases for - you guessed it - Miguel Cabrera.

Now, based on my lede, you might suspect that Cabrera delivered a backbreaking grand slam, but that wasn't the case at all. Instead, Cabrera dribbled a weak grounder right back to Salazar, who just needed to shuffle it to his catcher to start an easy, inning-ending, 1-2-3 double play. Instead, Danny Salazar chose this moment to have a complete #@$%ing meltdown, dropping the ball in transition and allowing everyone to advance. Victor Martinez batted next, and dropped a well-placed bloop over a drawn-in infield to score a third Tiger run. Yoenis Cespedes then singled up the middle to drive in two more, putting the Tigers up 5-1. Salazar's night was finished, but Detroit's fun wasn't. Zach McAllister came on in relief, giving up a two-run double to Nick Castellanos on his first GD pitch before eventually recording two outs.

But aside from that little six-run inning, the Tigers couldn't get anything going tonight. The Indians offense, on the other hand... well, bless their hearts, they tried to do things. They were able to collect nine hits off of David Price, but only able to manage one run. That run came on a Francisco Lindor sac fly in the 3rd, in an inning that saw two base runners erased by an inning-ending GIDP. The Indians again wasted 1st and 3rd with one out in the 4th, coming up all goose eggs. That was the story of the game, cruising along at 7-1 until the Indians showed signs of life in the 9th.

Perhaps inspired by the boldness of Mickey Calloway righteously standing up for his pitcher and getting vigorously ejected, the Indians put together a nice little rally to feign an epic comeback. Back-to-back singles and a Salazarian botched double play attempt by Castellanos loaded the bases for the Tribe. Roberto Perez felt bad for Castellanos, though, so he offered him another chance at a double play. The second time was a charm, but also managed to plate a run. Jason Kipnis stepped up to deliver a two-out RBI double. It was Kip's second double and fourth hit of the night, capping his 28th multi-hit game of the season. Unfortunately, there is only one Jason Kipnis on our team, and no one else has been able tostep up and help him shoulder the load. Francisco Lindor battled valiantly, but ended the game with a groundout after a hard-fought at bat.

So the Indians drop another game, and another series, to Detroit. For more detailed analysis of why we can't beat Detroit, and whose fault that is, please see the comments on the GameThread. Be sure to do so only after ingesting a sufficient amount of the strongest liquor at your disposal.

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