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Columbus Clippers Twitter trolls Indians fans about Francisco Lindor call up

The team behind the Columbus Clippers Twitter account is having fun with some eager Indians fans.

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

If you ask any dedicated Cleveland Indians fan what they want most in the world right now, having Francisco Lindor be promoted to the Majors is likely high on their list. Considering he's been hot most of the season in AAA and the Indians have an obvious hole at shortstop, we've all been on edge waiting for that announcement. In the current age of social media, such an announcement would likely come via Twitter.

Well, the team behind the Columbus Clippers Twitter account clearly knows this and have taken the opportunity to continually troll followers about the announcement several times over the past few months, with some pretty spectacular results.

In particular, last night @CLBClippers tweeted out an image with "GOODBYE COLUMBUS" and a picture of a smiling Lindor. As normal with rational, passionate sports fans, the reaction was immediate and a mix of anger and heartbreak when they learned the super prospect wasn't being called up quite yet.

I mean, sure, if you took time to read the text under the picture you'd know what's going on, but who has time for that?

The reactions were as wonderful as you'd expect. 

And my personal favorite.

To be fair, this "GOODBYE COLUMBUS" image is one that the Clippers social team uses often for home runs, but they haven't done so in a while and you just know they were sitting around with the Lindor image in a holster. Sitting. Waiting. Plotting. What I'm saying is: you know what you did. You know darn well what you did.

This isn't the first time @CLBClippers played with our hearts, either.

Alright, that was just playing dirty.