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Trevor Bauer gets his first career hit, Cleveland Indians sign a bunch of draft picks

I think Trevor was as surprised as we were.

Matt Marton-USA TODAY Sports

Michael Bourn had a bad day at Wrigley Field yesterday, but the rest of the team got to have some fun after seeing the Stanley Cup in person. The St. Louis Cardinals are potentially in a lot of trouble for snoopin' around another team's computers illegally.

Here are you morning news & notes for Wednesday, June 17, 2015.

Indians 6, Cubs (L)0(L)

Jake Arrieta wasn't his best last night, and the Tribe took advantage of it with force. Carlos Santana kicked things off with a three-run home run, and the team never looked back. Along with pitching seven innings of shutout baseball, Trevor Bauer racked his first career hit -- only two more and he'll have as many career hits as Francisco Lindor. Check out a recap of the game from our own Phil Kehres.

Indians news & notes

The Indians are on the verge of signing their third pick of the 2015 draft, LHP Juan Hillman. On top of being a strikeout machine in highschool, Hillman is the godson of Tom "Flash" Gordon. This signing will go a long way in determining how much the Tribe can pay first round pick Brady Aiken. (

They also signed a eight other picks, including ambidextrous pitcher Ryan Perez, but no financial details of the signings have been revealed yet. (

Anthony Swarzak is now a Doosan Bear. No, really. (

Around the league

The FBI is currently investigating the St. Louis Cardinals in connection with an alleged hacking of Houston Astros computers. Not so much "hacking" as "some guy used the same password in two different locations," but it's still a pretty serious matter nonetheless. (

Brock Holt of the Boston Red Sox hit the first cycle of 2015 yesterday. It's the first for the 'Sox since 1996, and the first in the league since last August when Michael Cuddyer hit one for the Colorado Rockies. (

The San Diego Padres let nine-year coach Bud Black go, and replaced him with their organization's AAA coach, Pat Murphy. If the name sounds familiar, he's the same minor league coach that the Padres blocked from taking a job with the Milwaukee Brewers earlier in the season. According to reports, Murphy is considered an interim manager for now, but he could win the job if the team can finally live up to their lofty expectations with him at the helm. (

Anthony Rizzo just keeps getting better, and his tamed strikeout rate is a big part of that. FanGraphs dug into the specifics of his swing, and what it means for his place in the league -- a really great read if you're interested. (