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Indians and Cubs postponed by rain

Matt Marton-USA TODAY Sports

As someone with water in their basement and a small lake in their backyard, I feel qualified to tell you it's raining heavily in the Chicago area right now. The Cubs and Indians will not play tonight, with the game officially postponed until Monday, August 24. That was supposed to be the off day after a 10-game road trip for the Tribe, but now it'll be an 11-game road trip instead.

Francisco Lindor's first MLB start will have to wait another day, or maybe more, given that the forecast for Tuesday isn't especially sunny either.

No game means no game thread, but y'all are welcome to talk about Lindor and Monstro, or about tonight's Game 6 of the Stanley Cup Finals (which could very well now include a Jason Kipnis sighting, since he's a big Blackhawks fan), or the new opening weekend record set by "Jurassic World," or... I don't, whatever you want.

Most likely most of you will simply opt to find somewhere else to spend your evening, which is understandable. If you've got a spare bucket, you're welcome to drop by my place.

Today's Lineups

Jason Kipnis - 2B Dexter Fowler - CF
Francisco Lindor - SS Anthony Rizzo - 1B
Michael Brantley - LF Kris Bryant - 3B
Carlos Santana - 1B Miguel Montero - C
Brandon Moss - RF Starlin Castro - SS
Yan Gomes - C Chris Coghlan - LF
Michael Bourn - CF Chris Denorfia - RF
Giovanny Urshela - 3B Jake Arrieta - RHP
Trevor Bauer - RHP Addison Russell - 2B