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Cleveland Indians Sunday News and Notes: Francisco Lindor to (possibly) make his MLB debut today

Oh, and the Indians beat the Tigers yesterday. [UPDATE: as of 9:50 AM, Lindor hasn't yet arrived in Detroit. Mike Aviles is listed as the starting shortstop.]

Francisco Lindor
Francisco Lindor
Rob Tringali/Getty Images

Yesterday's Game

Cleveland Indians bounce back against Detroit, tie series with 5-4 win - Let's Go Tribe

Tribe jumps on Tigers' bullpen to even series |

Cody Allen notches four-out save as Cleveland Indians hang on to defeat Detroit Tigers, 5-4 |

It's difficult to classify a mid-June win as critical win, but that's what it felt like after Cody Allen got out of a ninth-inning jam. Obviously Terry Francona thought this game was important, as he went to Allen for the four-out save after the Indians mounted a comeback against the Detroit bullpen. He likely felt that after the comeback, this was a game that you couldn't gave back. Carlos Carrasco wasn't great, but at the same time he he didn't allow the game to get out of hand early, and that put the team in the position to win.

MLB News

But of course the big news of the day didn't happen on the field.

Lindor to be called up for finale vs. Tigers |

Cleveland Indians promote shortstop Francisco Lindor to big leagues |

Just over four years after being selected 8th overall in draft, Francisco Lindor will be making his MLB debut. For those that don't follow the minors closely, here's a quick overview of Lindor's game: he's a special defender right now, and could develop into an impact offensive player as well. In the video accompanying the MLB article, Jim Callis noted that in some ways his defense overshadows his offensive potential, and he's right; Lindor throughout his development has been one of the youngest players in every league he's played in, and he's never been outmatched at the plate. A switch-hitter who has a good idea of the strike zone, Lindor would be a good prospect based on his offensive skills/potential alone. But combine that offensive upside with a defensive skill-set that has been MLB-ready almost from the time he's enter pro ball and you have one of the best prospects in baseball, and in my opinion the best position player prospect the Indians have called up since Grady Sizemore.

The current shortstop situation is such that Francisco Lindor is going to have a very long leash. Even if he OPSes under .600, that's about what the Indians were getting from Jose Ramirez, and Lindor's a better defender than Ramirez. Lindor is going to be the Tribe's starting shortstop for the rest of the season, and hopefully for a very long time.

The DiaTribe: Talent Infusion on a Lazy Sunday

Al notes that one reason why the Indians called up Giovanny Urshela (and by extension Francisco Lindor) is that the defense has been holding back one of the best starting rotations in baseball. As with Lindor replacing Jose Ramirez, Urshela hasn't have to do a whole lot at the plate to replace Lonnie Chisenhall's production, and both youngsters provide immediate defensive upgrades. Hopefully that will show up in the pitching BABIP, and ultimately in the runs allowed by the pitching staff.

MLB News

Buxton, Lindor join Correa in Majors |

Lindor won't be the only top prospect to make his MLB debut today. Byron Buxton, who by many is the top prospect in baseball, will be called up by the Twins today. Earlier this week Carlos Correa was called up by the Houston Astros. The AL just got a lot younger, and a lot more exciting.

Latest 25-man/40-man roster

(embiggened version here)

June 14 2015 (2)

I have assumed that Zach Walters will be optioned out to make room for Lindor. The 40-man roster is now full after the Indians added Lindor, as the top prospect wasn't on the roster.

With Atchison returning, this is just about the 25-man roster most people imagined the Indians would sport at the beginning of the season. The pitching has been more than anyone expected, now it's time for the offense and defense to show up in support of them. The additions of Lindor and Urshela will help at least on the defensive front, while there's plenty of potential for improvement on the offensive side, with Carlos Santana hitting under his career norms and Yan Gomes just back from a serious knee injury.