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Jason Kipnis was baseball's best player in May, but how about last week?

Another incredible week in a quite incredible month...

He's somewhere in there... PHOTO
He's somewhere in there... PHOTO
Jennifer Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Each week I select someone as the Cleveland Indians' top player of the previous week. Then, because this is a dictatorship, but not a totalitarian one, I let you all have your say as well. Some weeks it's a no-brainer, while other weeks there are multiple guys with a strong case. (Occasionally there are weeks when no one has a strong case.)

Previous winners:

  • April 6-12: Carlos Santana (my choice, and by a single vote, winner of the voting)
  • April 20-26: Brandon Moss (my choice), Michael Brantley (reader vote)
  • May 4-10: Danny Salazar (my choice), Jason Kipnis (reader vote)
  • May 11-17: Corey Kluber (my choice, and by a single vote, winner of the voting)
A great month capped by another great week for one man, but was it enough to put him atop the team for those seven days?

The Candidates

Cody Allen

Allen has caught some heat for not being as effective this season as he was in 2014. He's pitched very well of late though, and pitched four scoreless innings last week, including a 4-out save against Seattle on Saturday. In addition to no one scoring, he recorded 5 strikeouts while allowing only 3 base runners, none of them walks.

Jason Kipnis

It's not often a line of .345/.429/.655 can bring down your rates for the month, but that's how good Kipnis has been. That line was enough for a wRC+ of 194, and while that's lower than the figure from each of the two players below, Kipnis did it over 35 plate appearances, nearly as many as the two other players had combined. Kipnis had 10 hits, including 6 for extra bases. He scored 5 runs and drove in 5 as well.

Ryan Raburn

Raburn started 4 games last week, and while his 15 plate appearances are fewer than the other two nominated hitters had, he did have the most impressive rate stats, with a line of .357/.400/1.000, giving him a wRC+ of 286. Among his 5 hits were a double, a triple, and two home runs. He also made a great diving catch on Sunday.

Carlos Santana

Santana missed three games due to the birth of a child, but he made things count while he was with the team, batting .286/545/.714 in 22 plate appearances, with a wRC+ of 243. He only had 4 hits on the week, but also drew 7 walks. Meanwhile, among his 4 hits were his 5th and 6th home runs of the season. Plus, he stole his 3rd base of the season. Watch out, Rickey!

The Verdict

Kipnis was the best player in baseball during May, putting up perhaps the best month any player has had this decade. Last week wasn't even the best week he had during May, but it was awfully good, and good enough for me to give him this honor for the second time of the season.

Congratulations, Jason!