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The Cleveland Indians haven't had a winning streak for a month

Does anyone remember what consecutive wins feel like?

Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

UPDATED: The Indians eventually went 30 games in a row without a winning streak, their longest stretch since 1991. On May 16th though, they won for the second night in a row, ending this horror show.

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After losing on Opening Day, the Indians won their second and third games of the season, giving them their first series victory of the season and a modest two-game winning streak heading into the home opener. The date at the end of that series was April 9. Today is May 9, which means a full month has passed. The Tribe is yet to win another series, and hasn't even won consecutive games since then. That's right, a month has passed since the Indians won even two games in a row.

It comes as no surprise that a team that hans't been able to win back-to-back games for a month finds itself with the worst record in the American League.

It has been 25 games since the last streak ended. How rare is it for a team to play so many games without stumbling into even two consecutive victories? In the case of the Indians at least, it's pretty darn rare.

I went back year-by-year and found every stretch of 25+ games without a winning streak in franchise history. They are all listed below, along with the team's final record for each of the seasons involved.

  • 2015: 25 30 games (and counting?); ???
  • 2009: 25 games; 65-97
  • 2006: 29 games; 78-84
  • 1992: 27 games; 76-86
  • 1991: 40 games and 30 games; 57-105
  • 1989: 25 games; 73-89
  • 1985: 34 games; 60-102
  • 1984: 34 games; 75-87
  • 1983: 32 games; 70-92
  • 1971: 26 games and 26 games; 60-102
  • 1964: 31 games; 79-83
  • 1938: 26 games; 86-66
  • 1934: 29 games; 85-69
  • 1930: 25 games; 81-73
  • 1928: 38 games; 62-92
  • 1925: 43 games; 70-84
  • 1915: 37 games; 57-95
  • 1914: 27 games; 51-102

The 1928 team's 38-game stretch ended the season, so we'll never know just how long they could have gone without a winning streak. I'm guessing this year's team won't reach the record 43-game streakless stretch posted by the 1925 team, but I guess I shouldn't count any eggs before they hatch.

This is the 115th season in franchise history, and only the 18th season to feature 25+ consecutive games without a winning streak, with 1971 and 1991 each featuring two stretches at least that long.

The median win total for the previous 17 seasons involved is 70, and even accounting for the fact that 7 of the 17 seasons were before the schedule expanded to 162 games, the average final result for these teams is pretty grim. The three teams from the 1930s are the only ones that finished with a winning record.