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Do something stupid at Progressive Field tomorrow and you could win a PS4

If you have a stupid human trick you can perform and also really want a PS4, the Indians are running a promotion made just for you.

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

The Cleveland Indians are currently running a contest through their Twitter account to give one fan a chance to win a PS4. All you have do is record yourself performing your own "stupid human trick," submit it, and hope you get chosen to perform your talent in front of a few thousand people when the Tribe take on the Minnesota Twins at 4:10 PM EST.

To enter, talented individuals must submit videos of themselves licking their elbows, eating strange things, or performing other tricks on Twitter with the hashtag #TribeTricks to get the attention of the front office powers that be. From there, the top three creative displays will be chosen by a panel of judges and given the chance to perform during a random inning break in the game (the exact inning hasn't been given). Should you be one of the three chosen, you'll be given two tickets - one for you and for your friend to come along and watch.

One lucky winner will receive a PS4, and all three entrants will be subjected to watching Bruce Chen make his Indians debut. The deadline to enter is 3:00 PM EST today.

Even if you can't actually enter the contest, what would your stupid human trick be? Can you maybe do a backflip over a pit of fire? Or perhaps spike a ball in the outfield and still get the call to play left field later on in your professional career? Let us know!