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Kipnis and Santana lead revitalized offense, but pitching continues to worsen

The offense is improving, but the pitching is getting worse, and the bullpen is getting desperate

The world's grittiest, scrappy dirtbag just got grindyer
The world's grittiest, scrappy dirtbag just got grindyer
Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

Another day in the long, long season that lies before us. Well, let's get on with the news, shall we?

Yesterday's game: Royals 7, Indians 4

Corey Kluber (and the defense) had a disastrous first inning on his way to a disastrous fifth loss. Speaking of disasters, the bullpen was also one. With the loss, the Indians drop another series to a division rival, and dig themselves even deeper into the hole of unlikely contention.

Indians news & notes

Indians "in the process" of signing Carlos Marmol - In case you missed it, Lukehart has all the deets about the bullpen-bolstering move.

Walking man Carlos Santana key to Indians revamped lineup | - Moving Santana into the number 2 spot was a bold move, so bold in fact that Terry Francona doesn't know how long it'll last. It seems to be paying dividends so far, though. Despite the routine losing of late, the offense *does* seem to be a bit better.

Kipnis revival key for getting the offense back on track | Did The Tribe Win Last Night? - Santana isn't the only one making an impact on the offense of late. Jason Kipnis is partying like it's 2013, and his continued excellence is crucial if to the minute chance we have to contend.

The changes one lineup spot can make | Burning River Baseball - Ever since Kipnis replaced Michael Bourn in the leadoff spot, there seems to be new life in the offense. BRB analyzes Kip's change in approach and how it has led to success thus far.

Kluber not flashing Cy Young stuff so far | - While the offense is sucking less, the pitching is sucking more. It's been a hell of a rough start for the Klubot so far, but the clubhouse still has faith in their ace.

Tidbits from around MLB

On the 162 game workload | Fangraphs - Commissioner Manfred says returning to a 154 game schedule isn't completely off the table, but Dave at FG thinks that's unlikely. There is a great deal of evidence, however, that teams might actually get more bang for their buck by *reducing* the number of games played per season by their stars.

Hank Aaron's greatness endures | Sports On Earth - From home run king to his off the field contributions, Aaron is a clear candidate for baseball's greatest living legend.

Early season freak-out factors | Sports On Earth - Which teams' fans should calm down about the rough starts? Not Indians fans. They've got plenty of reasons to be worried.

Semi-pro football player still has the itch to pitch | Fox Sports - Remember Kyle Farnsworth? He plays football now. At age 39.