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Cleveland Indians slump to another series defeat by the Kansas City Royals

A disastrous opening frame, and an almost complete meltdown by the bullpen, combined to condemn the Tribe to yet another brutal defeat by a divisional rival.

Perhaps the best part of the game for Tribe fans?
Perhaps the best part of the game for Tribe fans?
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Indians 4, Royals 7

box score

Indians fall to 10-17


Following a 2hr 17min rain delay, the Royals jumped on the out-of-sorts Corey Kluber in the first inning after he hit Alex Gordon and then kept falling behind in the count. A Brandon Moss bobble in the outfield allowed Gordon to come all the way around to score on a Moustakas single, and following another single from Cain, Hosmer planted the ball over the center-field wall for a 3-run homer.

So before the Tribe had recorded even a single out they were 4-0 down. Thankfully, Kluber was able to retire the next three in order to avoid the ignominy of being replaced in the first inning by Anthony Swarzak (who was already warming up in the pen). Ultimately, Kluber battled his way through 5.2 IP in which he gave up five runs on seven hits and two walks.

The Tribe's offense rather flattered to deceive. They pulled one back in the 2nd inning following a Lonnie Chisenhall triple, but Jose Ramirez was unable to add to that after Edinson Volquez walked both Michael Bourn and Roberto Perez. Volquez then promptly walked four more in the very next inning which (combined with a Michael Brantley single) resulted in another two runs, before Perez struck out with the bases still loaded. With their lead down to 4-3 the Royals were forced to go to their bullpen very early for the second day in a row, and things were looking much more promising for the Tribe.

However, at that point the Tribe still had only two hits but six(!) walks, and they were all but shutdown in the next three innings (managing just a single from Chisenhall) before Santana's center-field solo homer in 7th pulled them back to 5-4. Sadly, that turned out to be academic when the bullpen imploded in Royals' half of the 7th, with both Nick Hagadone and Scott Atchison allowing two hits (and the Royals plating two runs) before Tito was forced to bring in Cody Allen to clean up the mess. By now, with a 7-4 deficit and Wade Davis and Greg Holland to pitch the last two frames, the game was to all intents and purposes decided, and the Tribe rather predictably went down in order twice.

So it's back to Progressive Field now for what is practically a "must-win" weekend series with the Twins.

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