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Trading David Murphy, Indians' jerseys, and more Tribe Q & A

He's likely not going anywhere . . .

Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

Mailbag articles can be fun, but why not spice it up a little bit.

We Answer Wednesdays is where we answer the questions Tribe fans everywhere have been contemplating. Plus, there's answers to questions that nobody has or likely would ever think about. Let the fun begin . . .

Why haven't the Indians traded David Murphy yet?  We don't need another corner outfielder and could use help at other positions (bullpen!).

Simple answer here because we can't.  First off, trading isn't easy and it's rare to see many deals during the first couple months of the season.  With that said, it's likely the Tribe can't even really give Murphy away without eating most of his contract, which certainly doesn't seem likely.  Murphy is under contract for $6 MM this year, which isn't exactly chump change, especially as far as the Indians are concerned.

He hasn't hit particularly well so far this year, with a .669 OPS, and is a poor defender.  With more of an emphasis on defense than ever, his -2.2 dWAR from last year sure doesn't look very appealing.  Plenty of teams have AAAA type corner outfield guys who would make the league minimum and likely produce similar numbers to Murphy.  Like it or not, keep looking for the Indians to trot Murphy out against right-handed starters for the conceivable future.

Some pitcher named Mike Clevinger is putting up great numbers in Akron.  Who is this guy?  Is he a legit prospect?

Clevinger is off to a fantastic start for AA Akron, with a 1.95 ERA through 27 and 2/3 innings. He has missed bats (always a good sign), recording 27 strikeouts, and has allowed only eight walks.

The 24 year old right-hander is certainly a prospect worthy of note.  He's a big guy, listed at 6'4" and 220 lbs, and came over last summer from the Angels in the Vinnie Pestano trade.  Clevinger, a former 4th round pick, was a highly ranked prospect before undergoing Tommy John surgery in 2012.  He throws hard, hitting 95+ mph, and it seems the Indians plan on continue developing him as a starter.  He has had control issues in the past, but he focused on mechanics last year during his time with High-A Carolina.

It's possible he could be another one of Sharponetti's small trade gems.

Do you like the Indians' new darker navy blue jerseys?

Not particularly.  The Indians are calling it midnight navy and it is the only dark they'll wear this year.  To my eyes they almost look black, especially after the players have been sweating.  They aren't the worst thing ever, but I preferred the lighter blue.

Make a pick:  You can go to one Indians game and sit in great seats, front row, right on the field OR go to a whole weekend series but have to sit in the upper deck?

Tough call.  While I've only sat one time in the prime seats right next the field, it was an awesome experience.  It felt like I was watching a different game when compared to the cheap seats.  With that said, the upper deck isn't really that bad, especially if you are semi-close to being behind the plate.  It can get a bit lonely up there, however, especially early in the season.

In the end, I'd probably pick the great seats and just soak in the amazingness.