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Indians OF Jerry Sands Accepts Minor League Assignment (May 6 News and Notes)

Jer-ry! Jer-ry!

Perhaps Jerry Sands will find this baseball—and his Soul—in Columbus (pun intended).
Perhaps Jerry Sands will find this baseball—and his Soul—in Columbus (pun intended).
David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Cleveland Indians News

• Jerry Sands accepted his outright assignment to AAA Columbus.

• Jordan Bastian passed along a Yan Gomes update yesterday: Gomes "was throwing home to second out of the crouch." Later in the day, Gomes did some hitting. He's been attacking his rehab, which has not surprised Francona. Gomes may DH when he first comes off the DL. Here's Bastian's full article, which is loaded with quotes describing Yan's awesomeness.

• Michael Bourn is now a platoon player. He won't play much against lefties—because less Bourn against lefties means a greater chance of us beating them.

• Carlos Santana is now the Indians #2 hitter. It worked in the first inning yesterday, when Michael Brantley homered after he walked. Unfortunately, our 3rd first inning lead of the season was gone in the blink of an eye.

• Nick Swisher returned last night and went 0-for-5†. Ryan Raburn batted clean-up and unlike Swisher hit the ball hard, but also with nothing to show for it..

† Gonna let BuenosAires_Dawg sum up Swisher's night, which was ugly even by 0-for-5 standards:

blew right by him
Swisher looks like an old man with no teeth the way he winces when he’s standing at bat. Holy crap, he was a disaster tonight.

MLB News has a list of the top 30 international prospects of 2015. Not really my cup of tea, so you guys can discuss this one without me. Unsurprisingly, #2 "has shown the ability to hit a pitch almost anywhere it is thrown."

The Blue Jays called up Chris Colabello yesterday. Of course they did; there's never been a more Blue Jays player in the history of the universe.

Some pretty big names are taking more swings early in the count this season. No Indians, though Castrovince was the one who wrote it.

The Marlins hoped to be able to trade Jarrod Saltalamacchia, but predictably found nobody willing to give up anything. So they released him yesterday.

Kyle Farnsworth, yes the 39-year-old former MLB reliever (and starter for 26 games), is now playing football, apparently. More specifically, he's a defensive lineman for the Orlando Phantoms.  And he leads his team in tackles and sacks. Watch out, JJ Watt.

Baseball had its first Maddux of 2015 last night and it was a guy traded away by St. Louis in the offseason.

Alex Cobb has a partial tear in his elbow, but will try to pitch through it. I can't see this lasting very long.

Jeff Sullivan takes a close look at the Astros

David Price found out he had the day off via Twitter | FOX Sports