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Nick Swisher is finally back with the Cleveland Indians

In Tuesday's News & Notes, Nick Swisher returns, Jason Kipnis makes his case for a permanent role in the leadoff spot and the Brewers have fired their manager already.

Joe Robbins/Getty Images

After a day off to recover from the bizarre shenanigans of Sunday afternoon's game, the Tribe starts a new series in KC today with Danny Salazar and Jason Vargas on the mound. But of course, all eyes are on Nick Swisher, who is back with the team after a long injury-enforced absence:

Swisher to return to Tribe on Tuesday |

Cleveland Indians to activate Nick Swisher in time for Tuesday's series opener in Kansas City |

Cleveland Indians will activate Nick Swisher from DL on Tuesday | Let's Go Tribe (Jason Lukehart)

Other Indians news & notes

New Pitch: Danny Salazar Curve | FanGraphs Baseball

I'm not sure whether this brief article was discussed last week, but it's very topical today. It will be fascinating to see if Danny can get his new curveball going again today.

Jason Kipnis continues to give Cleveland Indians "a boost" from the leadoff spot |

Is Jason Kipnis a permanent solution for the Indians' leadoff spot? | FOX Sports

Here is what Kip had to say: "The first at-bat, you want to get a hit or you want to see a lot of pitches, something to set the table. The fact that I saw most of his stuff in the first at-bat, I knew his game plan and knew what he wanted to do and what it looked like coming out of his hand." I wonder how many times Kipnis has valiantly tried to get Michael Bourn to do just that?

Inbox: Allen's struggles a cause for concern? |

Jordan Bastian answers a bunch of readers' questions regarding Allen, House, Zimmer etc.

Indians prospect Clint Frazier: where is the power? | Minor League Ball

John Sickels is trying to crowd-source what has happened to Frazier's power. Here's what he says: "Where is Clint Frazier's power? I'm not sure. Do you know? If so please share." Or ideally, just return it to him.

Tidbits from around MLB

Firing Ron Roenicke won't fix Brewers' big problems | ESPN SweetSpot

I knew very little about the causes of the Brewers' current plight, but Christina Kahri does a great job of trying to explain it. It's only six weeks since the Brewers picked Roenicke's 2016 option, so it's not quite clear how he became a "sackable" manager quite so quickly. As Joe Sheehan observed on Twitter: "Ron Roenicke's decisions to tear Carlos Gomez's hamstring and break Jonathan Lucroy's toe were firing offenses."

Naturally, the Brewers are currently on a three-game winning steak, two of which came under their old manager.

What are the Astros doing running away with the AL West? | SportsonEarth

Remember the strikeout-happy Astros? A month into the season, they remain the only team against whom the Indians have managed to win a series this year. Anthony Castrovince's weekly look at the days ahead asks a very pertinent question.

The White Sox Looming Decision | FanGraphs

Dave Cameron speculates that it might not be long before the White Sox start making trades with an eye to next year rather than this one.