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2015 MLB mock draft: Indians projected to take Chris Betts by FanGraphs

A high school catcher...

Rich Schultz/Getty Images

FanGraphs has released what it calls Mock Draft v2.0, its latest take on what each team is going to do in the 1st round of the draft, which will take place next Monday (June 8).  They project that the Indians will use their first pick (#17 overall) on Chris Betts, a left-handed hitting catcher from Woodrow Wilson* High School in Long Beach, California.

*Does Woodrow Wilson make anyone else think of the Simpsons episode where Bart creates a fake boy friend for Ms. Krabappel?

Betts (video) is a strong hitter, currently batting .473/.642/.891, which I realize looks like a series of typos. He has gotten an extra-base hit in 21.6% of his 74 at bats so far this season, and has drawn a walk in 29.4% of his 109 PA. It seems southern Californian prep baseball is no longer enough of a challenge for Betts.

Betts is viewed by many as the best catcher in this year's draft, but his defensive future is in question. Many expect him eventually to move to first base. Of course, with an OPS over 1.500, a player can have huge value at any position on the diamond. (Yes, I understand Betts' high school OPS is not going to translate to the same figure at the MLB level.)

Every team can find a spot for a great hitter, and Betts profiles as one of the best prep hitters in the draft, making him someone to keep an eye on come draft day.