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2015 MLB mock draft: Indians projected to take Kevin Newman by Keith Law

A college shortstop...

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Keith Law's latest mock draft has the Cleveland Indians using the #17 pick on Kevin Newman, a shortstop from the University of Arizona, whom Law describes as a "best player available" selection.

Newman, a 21-year-old junior and right-handed batter, is the only player ever to win two batting titles in the Cape Cod League (a summer league for top collegiate players), and has also hit for a very high average in his three years at Arizona, including a .370 figure for this season. He's a good fielder, and also very fast, and has stolen 22 bases in 25 attempts this year. which leads the Pac 10.

What Newman doesn't do is hit for power. He has just two home runs this season, and they are the only two home runs he's hit in his three seasons with the Wildcats.

In general, I agree with the "best player available" philosophy, but in this case Newman doesn't seem to me like a great fit for the Indians. Francisco Lindor ought to be arriving in Cleveland later this summer, and unless things break badly, he should be holding down shortstop for the Tribe through at least 2021. Obviously players can change positions after being drafted, but unless the Indians think Newman's speed and glove work could translate into center field, I don't see how someone with no power fits into the lineup very well, unless Lindor busts, which I'd rather not plan for. Of course Newman is likely to develop more power than he has right now, but it doesn't seem likely to me that he'd become a player you expected more than 10-12 long balls from.

If the Indians are going to take the best player available when their first choice comes up, I'd rather the best player be someone with some pop, or a pitcher.