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Rotation following in Kluber's dominant footsteps

The ace is doing his job, and the rest of the rotation is following suit

Even Kluber's smile has become infectious
Even Kluber's smile has become infectious
Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Friday, everyone. As the Indians continue their four-game stretch on the West Coast after Kluber's dominance in game one, let's have a look at what's going on around Tribeland and beyond:

Yesterday's game: Indians 5, Mariners 3

Indians news & notes

Late-inning relievers struggling when it matters most | - It fortunately wasn't an issue for Scrabble or Cody Allen last night, but it's been a concern as of late. With Scott Atchison hitting the DL, there's bound to be some reshuffling in the 'pen.

Resurgent rotation following the lead of its ace | Did the Tribe Win Last Night? - Corey Kluber's 18K outing against the Cardinals not only reignited the spark in his season, but it also served as a catalyst for the rest of the rotation. Since then, Trevor Bauer and Carlos Carrasco have also seen bouncebacks from their rough patches.

TBT: Indians come back from 12-run deficit | Wahoo's On First - In honor of the Indians traveling west to Seattle, WOF flashes back to the greatest comeback in MLB history.

Tidbits from around MLB

Which teams have changed most since Opening Day? | Fangraphs - FG looks at their playoff odds calculator to asses which teams have changed most dramatically since the pre-season projections. The results are not quite what you'd expect.

Bryce Harper on his breakout | Fangraphs - Harper's coming out party has been one of the hottest topics in baseball this season. So what's the secret to his success? Doing what he's always done - just doing it more often.

ASG voting: the fans get it right | Sports On Earth - Contrary to everything Brad D would want you to think, Will Leitch thinks All-Star Game voting is exactly the right way to do things. Maybe the fans are better at this than they get credit for.

Perusing the Saber leaderboards | Sports On Earth - Also over at SoE, AJ Cassavel looks beyond RBIs and wins to statcast data, like average exit velocity, to look at who's on top in the advanced metrics.

Braves misspell Uribe's name on new jersey | Fox Sports - Well, not so much a misspelling as a construction issue. Still funny.