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Indians players shave their heads in support of Mike Aviles and his daughter

You may have noticed some Cleveland Indians players sporting a bit less hair over the weekend. It's for a good reason.

Jamie Sabau/Getty Images

When Mike Aviles was surprisingly added to the Family Medical Emergency list prior to a game on May 8th, it wasn't immediately known why the utility infielder was leaving the team for several days. It was later revealed that his four-year-old daughter Adriana was diagnosed with leukemia, and he would be taking time away from the game to support her and be with his family.

Now, nine days after Aviles returned to the team and things are returning to normal on the field, his Cleveland Indians teammates are supporting her as well. Starting over the Memorial Day weekend, the entire team has begun shaving their heads in support of young Adriana, and even the coaching staff is getting in on it.

According to Jason Kipnis, via a quote from, the movement "started with a couple of guys and has spread throughout the whole clubhouse."

Since his return on May 18th, Aviles has been a major contributor on the team on the field. He's racked up seven hits, a double, a home run, and two RBI in his 23 plate appearances in that time. His interaction with the media has been sparse and, understandably, when he does interact it is with the understanding that he will not be talking about his daughter.

It's a great gesture by teammates of Aviles and hopefully it continues to spread as more wish to show their support for him and his daughter, Adriana. We at Let's Go Tribe wish Aviles and his family the best going forward.