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Jason Kipnis Talks About Hitting Leadoff—Then Hits a Leadoff Home Run

if you arrived here via sarcastic clickbait, welcome!

Jason Kipnis contemplates how much damage he should do on the next unsuspecting pitcher
Jason Kipnis contemplates how much damage he should do on the next unsuspecting pitcher
David Maxwell/Getty Images

Cleveland Indians News and Notes

ESPN's Mark Simon tweeted yet another edition of his hard and soft contact charts. It is no surprise that Moss, Santana, Brantley & Kipnis are on the hard-hit chart. Likewise, you won't be shocked to see Ramirez and Bourn on the soft-hit chart.

Here's 8 minutes of Jason Kipnis on "The Rundown"... I especially love that hours after doing this interview, Kip went out and hit a leadoff homer.

Over at Yahoo, Jeff Passan wrote an interesting piece on how MLB's new Statcast data will soon allow us to analyze things we previously couldn't. He got a sneak peek of spin rate information and it makes Garrett Richards look very good. Corey Kluber is also mentioned, as is Trevor Bauer. Bauer actually owns one of the Trackman units that are mentioned frequently in the piece.

Speaking of Kluber, August Fagerstrom wrote yet another piece that illustrates said pitcher's awesomeness. "Some pitchers are contact guys. Some pitchers are swing-and-miss guys. It’s when the swing-and-miss guys can pitch like the contact guys that you wind up with the best of the best. When the swing-and-miss guys can pitch like the contact guys, you find yourself a Clayton Kershaw or a Corey Kluber." Not like that's great company or anything...

• On Monday night, Shaun Marcum attempted to catch Prince Fielder napping with the hidden ball trick. It did not work.

Around Baseball

• Alberto Callaspo was traded for Juan Uribe. But Callaspo put his no-trade clause to use and nixed the trade. What a time to be alive. BUT WAIT! Later on Tuesday, Callaspo waived his no-trade right and a deal between the Braves and Dodgers is pending commissioner approval. Nobody seems to be quite sure what exactly is exchanging hands. Uribe is going to Atlanta, though.

• Philadelphia Phillies general manager Ruben Amaro Jr spent his Tuesday on an "apology tour" for comments he made about the Phillies fanbase. Amaro, who does not know difference between ABs and PAs, said of the fans: "They don’t understand the game."

• Drew Hutchison pitched a Maddux Monday night, as Fangraphs has pointed out. That Jason Lukehart guy has already updated his website to show that Toronto leads the AL in Madduxes.

• Here's Grant Brisbee with an excellent article on baseball cards. Includes a funny Rickey Henderson story.

• The Miami Marlins demoted their third base coach yesterday. It's a toss-up whether this story or the Uribe-Callaspo one is more confusing.