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Cleveland Indians activate Yan Gomes from disabled list

Welcome back, Yan!

Jason Miller/Getty Images

The Cleveland Indians have activated Yan Gomes from the disabled list, where he's been for six weeks, after suffering a knee injury in a plate at the plate on April 11. Catcher Brett Hayes has been designated for assignment in order to make room for Gomes on the active roster.

Gomes hit .278/.313/.472 last season, giving him a wRC+ of 121. He is also one of the best defensive players as the position, and all things considered has been the best catcher in the American League since taking over for the Tribe in the middle of 2013. In addition to getting another big bat into the lineup (and one who hits lefties well!), Gomes should provide a boost to the defense, both through his ability to limit the running game, and his pitch framing and experience with the pitching staff.

Hayes will likely clear waivers and be sent to Triple-A Columbus. Some fans would have preferred to see him stick around, with Roberto Perez returning to the Clippers instead. That would give the younger Perez an opportunity to play almost every day, rather than only once or twice a week, as he will now, but if the team is trying to contend this year, having the better player (as compared to Hayes) on the roster makes sense, even though the backup catcher isn't likely to make the difference of more than one win over the course of a season.