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Jason Kipnis made fun of Bryan Shaw on the flight home Thursday night

It should be entering orbit any moment now.

Rick Yeatts/Getty Images

Following Thursday night's 5-2 win over the Chicago White Sox, Jason Kipnis had some fun on the flight back home to face the Cincinnati Reds. In an Instagram post uploaded at 2 AM EST (yikes!), Kip acted as a flight attendant directing the rest of the staff and team to try and find the home run ball that White Sox catcher Tyler Flowers crushed off of Cleveland Indians reliever Bryan Shaw in the 9th inning when he came in to close out the victory.

"If you look out your right window, you will see the baseball Flowers hit off Shaw tonight.. Should be entering orbit now.." #Windians #goodvibes#copilot #finallybackhomeinCle

Luckily for the the Tribe, Flowers' home run came when the game was well in-hand so it left room for some fun on the plane ride home. It's hard to imagine this same kind of jabbing would be going on - or at the very least posted in public - if that homer ended up costing the Indians a game. Instead, the team is now riding high on their longest win streak of the season and second consecutive series win.

Things are getting fun in Cleveland again.