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MLB Draft 2015: Baseball America mock draft has Indians taking Mike Nikorak

How do you feel about a high school pitcher with the Tribe's first pick?

Mike Stobe/Getty Images

The 2015 MLB Draft begins on Monday, June 8, which is only 19 days from now, which means we've entered the heart of mock draft season. The Indians have the #17 pick in the 1st round. The best #17 picks from previous drafts are Roy Halladay and Cole Hamels. Charles Nagy and David Murphy were each also taken at #17 in the draft.

Baseball America has released its latest version of the 1st round, they have the Indians selecting Mike Nikorak, a pitcher from Stroudsburg High School in Pennsylvania. Nikorak a is 6'5" righty, with a fastball that's been clocked at 97 MPH, and sets at 92-94. Last month Keith Law rated Nikorak as the top high school pitcher in the country.

In general, drafting the best player available is usually the best approach in baseball. It isn't like the NFL or NBA, where you expect the 1st round pick to be playing for the team a few months later, and know what position has the greatest need. Most of even the best draft picks won't arrive for at least three years after being selected, at which point the player may have changed positions, and a teams needs may completely have changed. That said, the Tribe farm system certainly seems to me like it could use added pitching more than it needs more bats. (More good ones of both would be preferable, of course.)

The top high school pitcher in the country seems like a good target to me.