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Video of Cleveland Indians ace Corey Kluber striking out 18 St. Louis Cardinals

Do you like to watch?

Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

Corey Kluber was... well, pick your superlative, because pretty much any of them would apply to his performance Wednesday night for the Indians at Progressive Field. He recorded 18 strikeouts, tying Bob Feller's franchise record for a 9-inning game (Luis Tiant struck out 19 in a 10-inning game) and coming only two shy of the MLB record for a regulation game. (Tom Cheney struck out 21 in a 16-inning game back in 1962, something you almost never hear mentioned when the strikeout record comes up.)

The Klubot was pulled after 8 innings, despite the protest of most fans, due to having already arrived at 113 pitches. Personally, despite generally not wanting guys reach 130 pitches, I'd have let him got for it. Alas, it was Brad Mills' decision to make (on account of Terry Francona having been ejected in the 4th inning).

As is, Kluber still set a record for most strikeouts in an Interleague game, which isn't the most exciting accomplishment in the world, but isn't nothing either. It had been 11 years since any MLB pitcher reached 18 strikeouts, and 28 years since any Indians pitcher struck out even 15 batters in a game.

Kluber's FIP for the night was -0.98, which is fun. His game score was 98, which is the highest ever for a start that didn't go at least 9 innings.

In case you weren't watching last night, or you'd just like to see them again, here's video of all 18 strikeouts:

Oh my.