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Danny Salazar — no more false dawns

In Tuesday's News & Notes, Danny Salazar wreaks havoc, the "new and improved" top of the order is producing, while the bullpen has been epically bad in high leverage situations.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

The Tribe returns to action today with a tough-looking three-game home series against the St Louis Cardinals. Let's hope that Carlos Carrasco is back on form after his recent struggles.

Indians news & notes

The Devastation of Danny Salazar | FanGraphs

Craig Edwards believes that this time, Salazar's breakout could be for real: "Right now, Salazar is pitching better than he has ever pitched and he is one of the best pitchers in baseball."

Tribe sees road to success with new lineup |

Jason Kipnis, Carlos Santana, Michael Brantley packing top-of-the-order punch for Cleveland Indians: Zack Meisel's musings |

The early returns on Kipnis/Santana/Brantley as 1-2-3 have certainly been positive.

Where does David Murphy fit with the Indians? | CBS Cleveland

If his recent good form continues, the Tribe might actually recoup a decent chunk of his salary when they eventually trade him.

Indians catcher Yan Gomes ahead of rehab schedule, could return soon | FOX Sports

Lindsey Foltin: "Francona also said Gomes will be evaluated again on Tuesday. Barring any setbacks, the Silver Slugger Award winner could begin a minor-league rehab assignment as early as this week." If he's going to be able to be back fully healthy, Gomes' return can't come soon enough.

Tidbits from around MLB

The Remarkably Unclutch Oakland A’s | FanGraphs

The Tribe receives a (dis)honorable mention: "The Indians have allowed a .511 wOBA in high leverage situations. .511! Babe Ruth‘s career wOBA was .513."

The White Sox Position-Player Catastrophe | FanGraphs

According to Dave Cameron "The team hasn’t hit nearly well enough to make up for its bad baserunning and its bad defense." But despite that the White Sox are still doing better than the Tribe...

Could two 2014 90-game losers make the playoffs? | SportsonEarth

Anthony Castrovince's weekly look at the days ahead focuses on the surprising early season form of the Twins and Astros.

Clutch hitting visualized | Beyond the Box Score

"There are good hitters and not-so-good hitters, and clutch situations and non-clutch situations. Good hitters perform better than not-so-good hitters no matter what the situation is." Scott Lindholm