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Sunday News and Notes: Chen's poor debut, Swisher's perfect day

What we learned yesterday: Bruce Chen is no longer a major-league pitcher.

Instead of a scene from yesterday's game, here's a picture of Slider with an usher.
Instead of a scene from yesterday's game, here's a picture of Slider with an usher.
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Yesterday's Game

Cleveland Indians avoid a blowout with late rally, but ultimately fall to Minnesota Twins - Let's Go Tribe

Tailspin continues: Cleveland Indians fall to Minnesota Twins, 7-4; seal another series loss |

Chen, Tribe can't stop red-hot Twins |

Sometimes a baseball game can surprise you. This baseball did not surprise me. Bruce Chen, who has for the last couple years been barely getting by as a major-league pitcher, was rocked by the Minnesota Twins, and because of that a four-run rally in the seventh was for naught.

There is an off-day on Monday, so the Indians could skip Chen's spot in the rotation, but unless TJ House is going to ready to pitch in a week, they're going to have to find another starting pitcher, as I don't think Chen is going to cut it.

Indians News

Swisher making immediate impact for Indians |

We'll see how his surgically-repaired knees hold up over the long haul (especially once he starts playing the outfield), but yesterday Nick Swisher looked very good at the plate. Placing him in the middle of the order should help neutralize some of the barrage of late-inning left-handers that opposing managers are throwing against the Indians.

The related question is: if Nick Swisher can play the outfield, what do you do with David Murphy? Right now he's been consigned to pinch-hitting duties, and although he's been very good at that, it seems a waste of his talents. I would think that the Indians have been looking at trade possibilities for a while now, but are probably reluctant to pull the trigger on a deal until they know for sure that Swisher's knees are going to hold up to the rigors of the regular season. But the Indians need another starting pitcher, and they also need relief pitching, and they may also need a short-term solution at shortstop, and if Murphy can fill one of those holes, lingering concerns about Swisher may be overwhelmed by immediate needs.

MLB News

Rays', Rangers' benches clear after hard tag |

Texas' Adam Rosales dropped his knee while LGFT Asdrubal Cabrera was trying to dive back into second base. Cabrera jammed his hand, took exception to the tag, and both benches cleared. Based on the replay, I can see why Cabrera would be upset. Nothing escalated beyond the players running onto the field, and everything was patched up after the game.

Latest 25-man/40-man Roster

The Indians have had to use their bullpen a lot over the last couple of days (they used Bryan Shaw while down three runs yesterday), and although they have an off-day tomorrow, I wouldn't be surprised if they bring up a reliever before today's game. The issue of course is who would go down to make room for this reliever. Maybe they do Designate Chen after just one start.

WAR has really liked Kipnis' and Chisenhall's defense this year, which is a radical departure over the last couple years. Adding Francisco Lindor at some point this season might turn the infield defense as whole into at least something that isn't a liability.