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Cleveland Indians fan contest: Win an architectural print of Jacobs Field!

This would look handsome in your office or could class up your dorm room...

In addition to our predictions contest, which has been ongoing for a few weeks now and has a 6:00 ET entry deadline later today, we've got another opportunity for you to get involved at LGT and maybe win yourself a cool prize.

Our friends at Ballpark Blueprints do beautiful work, and have been good enough to offer us a couple free prints to be given out to readers.

If you're a young guy, it'll look a lot classier on your bedroom or dorm room wall than that poster of beer cans from around the world or Kathy Ireland on a Lamborghini Countach. (That's still what the kids are into, right?) Let your friends know you're more sophisticated than all that. Your not some sports fan Neanderthal, you're a baseball fan, something with an appreciation for the finer things.

If you're a little older, you've probably got plenty of places it could go.

The one I got last year will soon be going up in my office at the new house my wife and I just bought, and it's going to look great.

Here's another look at the print, which is 18" by 24." If you don't win one this week, you can buy yourself one instead. (Or pick one up for the Tribe fan in your life):

Okay, so that's what you've got the opportunity to win. Two opportunities to win, in fact. Here's how you go about actually trying to win it:

Sometime this week, write a FanPost here at Let's Go Tribe. That's all it takes to enter! We want to make sure there's some actual thought and effort put into these, so there's a minimum word count of 300 in order to be eligible for the prize, but that's not so much. THIS is the 300th word of this post, and I haven't written that much, have I?

The FanPost may involve analysis, humor, history, a memorable story, and/or whatever else you have in mind, so long as it's Indians/baseball related.

At the end of the weekend, I'll very subjectively choose my favorite to win one of the two prints we've got. There will also be a random drawing from all of the 300+ word entries, to award the second print that we've got.

So, a FanPost on whatever Indians/baseball-related topic you want, with a minimum of 300 words, and with an entry deadline of 6:00 PM on Sunday, April 12.

Get to writing!