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Indians and Corey Kluber close to terms on longterm contract extension

One last minor news story before Opening Day?

Jason Miller/Getty Images

The Indians are reportedly on the verge of working out a longterm contract extension with reigning American League Cy Young winner Corey Kluber. This report comes via Ken Rosenthal, one of the most plugged in reporters in baseball, and has been confirmed by Jordan Bastian, who I think is the best-informed Indians beat writer. Terms of the deal have not yet been reported, but it will likely be for either four or five seasons, with one or two team options at the end.

Kluber is currently signed for ~$600,000 this season, his final year of pre-arbitration eligibility. An extension would almost certainly cover his three arbitration years. I've said multiple times before that I think an extension would be for four years, $30-34 million, or five years, $44-48 million, with an option or two added on, and that's still what I'm expecting we're going to hear in the next day or two.

I would prefer four years with two option, while Jeff Passan reports it will be five years with two options.

Both Rosenthal and Bastian say they expect everything to be finalized and official no later than Monday afternoon, in advance of Kluber starting the Opening Day game for the Indians that night in Houston.

An extension for a pitcher is riskier than an extension for a position player, but cost certainty for a player who could become incredibly expensive through arbitration makes sense for the Tribe, and guaranteed financial security for life (and the lives of his children) makes sense for Kluber.

More on this story as details emerge, and as things (hopefully) become official.