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Cleveland Indians fan just had to have that foul ball

And they say Cleveland doesn't care about baseball...

Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

The Indians have been the worst team in the American League so far this season (If you think this is bad, imagine how many Old Milwaukees you'd have to drink to cope with what the Brewers have been doing.) and are already 7.5 games out of 1st place, which is hard to do when you've only played 19 games. They're just 1-6 at Progressive Field, and (perhaps aided in part by the Cavs having legitimate championship aspirations) Cleveland fans already seem to be losing interest in the Tribe, with an average of only 10,000 people there for the last couple games, each a lopsided loss to the 1st place Royals.

After Tuesday's game many players talked about the team needed to step up its intensity, before the season gets away from them. One could argue that the season has already gotten away from them, but with more than 140 games to go, I think there's still time for them to get things turned around. If they're serious about it, and if they really do want to find a higher level of intensity, they should study the hero of this video clip, a man whose drive, determination, and hustle cannot be questioned:

I would like to think I'd have handled myself with more composure, were I in his situation. I'd like to say I'd have recognized that no one else was really going after the ball, because there were only four other people within a hundred yards, and one of them was just trying to sell some damn peanuts. I probably wouldn't have though. Like Dug, the lovable retriever from "Up," upon seeing a squirrel, so too is the baseball fan drawn to the white spheroid shot into the stands.