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Wednesday April 29 News and Notes: White Sox and Orioles to Play in front of 0 fans

More birds will take in today's Orioles game than humans.

This CWS game (against the Indians) was in Chicago. #StrategicCropping
This CWS game (against the Indians) was in Chicago. #StrategicCropping
Matt Marton-USA TODAY Sports

The Orioles and White Sox were postponed again on Tuesday, due to the current situation in Baltimore. They will play at 2:05 today but the game is closed to the public. Certain to be an eerie sight, MLB is not aware of any other game that has been played without fans.

Yesterday's Game: 11-5 Loss recap | Bauer's gutsiness | Bauer highlights

The Castrovince Section

• In CastroTurf, Anthony Castrovince writes that the time for Francisco Lindor is now. In fact, the time for Lindor may have passed. With contention looking like a serious improbability, might as well save the service time now.

• Despite the Braves paying Dan Uggla $13M this year, he now plays for the Washington Nationals. And he had 5 RBI against Atlanta yesterday. The Nationals won 13-12. Hard to win when all you do is kick field goals, Atlanta.

• What do Bartolo Colon and the Brewers have in common? Take the linkbait to Castro's tweet here.

American League Pitching News

• Justin Verlander is capable of throwing a baseball 60 feet 20 times. Woooo I'm better than Justin Verlander at something!

No, not that.

• Masahiro Tanaka was placed on the disabled list with a forearm and/or wrist problem. How long until A-Rod is the healthiest Yankee?

• Clay Buchholz gave up 5 more runs last night against Toronto, raising his ERA to 5.76. That's nearly a run lower than the man he faced, however. Drew Hutchison gave up 6 and now sports a 6.67. Both have WHIPs over 1.5.

• Entering yesterday, only two starting pitchers were averaging 12 or more strikeouts per 9 innings: Clayton Kershaw and Trevor Bauer. They both pitched yesterday. Bauer, at 30% strength, struck out 2 (which is one more than the Indians 'pen managed) and Kershaw struck out 8 in 7 IP. Speaking of Bauer, he gets his own section this morning:

I love Trevor Bauer. Here are some tweets that will make you love him too

If only the rest of the team gave even 30%.