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Trevor Bauer: unique talent, unique personality

Has Trevor long-tossed his way into your heart yet?

Rob Tringali/Getty Images

A day off, a series against the Twins, and Corey Kluber set to start. It's gonna be a good day, folks. And what better way to start that day than with a heaping helping of morning news:

Indians news & notes

Appreciating Trevor Bauer: Iconoclast, nonconformist, and tantalizing talent | Grantland - Regardless of performance on the field, Trevor Bauer is one of the most interesting Tribe personalities we've seen in a long time. From engineering classes at UCLA to long-tossing in Cleveland, Bauer has always marched to the beat of his own drum. Michael Baumann at Grantland elucidates all the reason why he - and I - love Trevor.

Bauer focused on improving body language on mound | - Precisely because of his eccentricities, Trevor understands why he may have been misunderstood in the past. So now, he's actively working on not only the physical but the mental side of his game. He wants to send the right messages, and he's looking to the Klubot as his template.

Can Perez hold down the fort? Tito think so | - Terry Francona wasn't always sold on the potential of Roberto Perez, but he's buying in now. Perhaps it's just the desire to find a way to fill the Yan Gomes-shaped hole in the lineup, or maybe it's Perez' righteous neckbeard talking. Perez admits to improving his attitude and showing my energy on the field, and it's starting to make an impression on Tito.

Indians begin venture to improve youth baseball | - Fields for the Future, a project aiming to improve the quality of youth baseball, kicked off its inaugural campaigning with the beginning of renovations at Luke Easter Park in Kinsman. Yan Gomes and Indians staff hung out with local students to commemorate the event.

Salazar will be called up to start Saturday | Let's Go Tribe - In case you missed it yesterday, the 'Zar is on his way back.

Tidbits from around MLB

Another battle possible over Josh Hamilton | LA Times - The players association doesn't think the Angels have an recourse in the Josh Hamilton situation, but apparently the commissioner's office thinks differently. The stage is set for another fight between Angels owner Arte Moreno and the player's union.

Pay attention to these fast starts | Sports On Earth - Small sample size warning is a common mantra around here, but Anthony Castrovince says eff that noise. He thinks fast starts by some players, including LGFT Ubaldo Jimenez, are legit.

Flippin' out over nothing | Sports On Earth - Because some people hate fun, Yasiel Puig is a lightning rod for controversy. So he's giving up on the bat flipping. Have the terrorists won?

Cubs promoting Bryant | ESPN Chicago - Actually, I guess the terrorists *have* won. Scott Boras client and Cubs uber prospect Kris Bryant will be called up Friday, likely making his debut this weekend.