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Let's Go Tribe FanPost contest winners

"This is a major award!"

Last week we ran a contest giving readers the opportunity to win a very cool print of Jacobs/Progressive Field from our friends at Ballpark Blueprints. In order to enter, you just had to write a FanPost on the baseball-related topic of your choice. We had a nice mix of analysis, editorializing, and storytelling.

(In case you're not familiar with FanPosts, they can be found on the right sidebar of the front page, and can be written by any Let's Go Tribe member.)

There were two prizes given out, one selected by the objective roll of a 20-sided die, the other by the entirely subjective whims of my personal taste. I am happy to report that both winning FanPosts were very well done; each of them will be on the front page this afternoon, to bring them a bit more attention than this post will.

The winner from the random drawing is aaronjw, for A look at the Indians Kids Clubhouse, which gives high praise to Progressive Field for making the ballpark experience enjoyable for kids who aren't yet ready to sit through nine innings. It also raises the question: Could the Indians provide babysitters as well???

It was tough to choose something other than the incredibly insightful work of Rock the jake, who was good enough to provide commentary below his posts that eventually ended his brief time as a commenter at LGT, but  the winner as my personal favorite is emd2k3, for Boog Powell Ballpark Mystery: The Curse of the Bleacher Creature, which... Well, I don't know quite how to describe what it does. emd2k3 says he views it as the first installment in a series, one likely to become more popular than A Song of Ice and Fire.

Congratulations to both of our winners, who can find my email address via the masthead and contact me with the name/address to which their print can be sent.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to write a FanPost last week. There isn't always a major prize on the line, but I hope we'll continue to see a variety of voices sharing their ideas and discoveries with the rest of us.