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Cleveland Indians release Shaun Marcum

Pitching five one-run innings out of the 2015 Indians bullpen should have gotten him a $1M bonus.

the real reason Marcum was released: this toss was a little wild and broke the photog's lights
the real reason Marcum was released: this toss was a little wild and broke the photog's lights
Lance Iversen-USA TODAY Sports

Indians News

ICYMI, the Indians solved their backup catcher problem by calling up Hayes to the big club. They had to DFA somebody to make room on the 40-man roster and poorly chose Shaun Marcum. Having already lost Gavin Floyd and Josh Tomlin due to injuries, they have now lost a third starting pitcher before playing ten ballgames. There's always the chance Marcum clears waivers, but that isn't going to happen so Jhoulys Chacin will replace him on the SP depth chart.

UPDATE: Marcum cleared waivers and is now in AAA Columbus. This increases my suspicion level that there is an unwritten rule among general managers—when a team really wants to keep a guy, more often than not the player seems to clear.

Tribe righthander Carlos Carrasco was struck in the face by a line drive yesterday but initial tests showed no serious injuries.

MLB News

Joe Maddon has been hitting his pitchers 8th in Chicago this year. Baseball Prospectus looks at whether it's a good move. You'll have to let me know the answer because the meat of it is paid content, but the beginning seems to imply that it is.

Carter Capps is somehow getting away with this delivery. With a career ERA+ of 79, if he's been doing a variation of this his entire MLB career, it certainly isn't helping him. Maybe he'll be more successful with the newly exaggerated version. I agree with Fangraphs; this a rule that appears to be in need of some change.

Shane Greene pitched well again for the Tigers, getting the 2-0 win while allowing 3 hits over 8 innings. No Maddux though.

Justin Masterson and Stephen Strasburg had a competition yesterday to see who could give up more runs. Masterson won that part of things. The Red Sox won 8-7, however, because the Nats bullpen decided to go all #2015indians.

David Wright left the Mets game last night with a pulled hamstring. Hopefully for New York's sake, Wright fares better than Michael Bourn has lately with hamstring issues.