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Yan Gomes will have MRI on Sunday for sprained knee

Losing the last two days has been a drag, losing Gomes for extended time would be far worse.

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Yan Gomes will undergo an MRI on his right knee on Sunday, after he was injured during the 9th inning of today's 9-6 loss to the Tigers. Just as Gomes caught a throw from Carlos Santana, forcing Rajai Davis, David slid into Gomes' right foot, causing Yan's leg to give out. (You can see the play here.)

I certainly don't think it was a dirty play by Davis, though I would call it a careless slide.

Gomes was helped up by the team's medical staff, but was unable to put any weight on the knee, and went back to the ground before being helped off the field.

There is a good chance Gomes' knee is sprained, and no matter what tomorrow's MRI turns up, he will almost certainly miss a few games. If it is sprained, he'd probably miss at least a couple weeks, and potentially more like 5 or 6. If there is any ligament damage, Gomes could be out for the year.

Yan has been arguably the best catcher in the American League over the last season and a half, and is probably one of the year best players on the team. Obviously losing him for an extended period of time would be a major blow to the Tribe's chances. Losing him for the season would be incredibly depressing.