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Indians vs. Mariners recap: Brandon Moss homer not enough for Tribe

Behold the awesome power of Moss.

Rick Scuteri-USA TODAY Sports

Another day, another 9th inning Cactus League loss for the Indians, this one to the Mariners by the score of 4-3.

The final run was given up by Nick Maronde, who wouldn't be in that position if the game really counted, so I can't bring myself to sweat it.

Bruce Chen gave up a pair of runs in the 5th inning, when he gave up two solo home runs. Chen was pretty bad in 2014, and doesn't strike me as a good bet to rebound to even something like a solid #5 starter. He's more of a #9-type at this point, the sort you hope never sees the rotation, but won't cause you to want to forfeit the game. Fortunately for the Indians, that's about where he slots in among their options.

The first run was allowed by Carlos Carrasco, also on a home run. I'd rather he not be giving up long balls, but that was one of only two hits he allowed in three innings of work, during which he didn't walk anyone. Strikeouts and walks are the closest thing to meaningful spring training statistics, so I'll take Carrasco's line.

Meanwhile, the Mariners weren't the only ones hitting home runs. Brandon Moss, in his first game wearing an Indians uniform, did this in the 7th inning:

Oooooh.... pretty.

Yan Gomes also doubled, and Jason Kipnis had a base hit and drew a walk, so there was a fair amount of good news from the lineup, though not enough to put up more than those three runs.

The Tribe also didn't make any errors, which shouldn't feel like a big deal, but still kind of does. Jose Ramirez made a nice play deep in the hole during the 2nd inning. Ramirez must know Francisco Lindor is coming to take his job, but Jose doesn't intend to make it easy.

The Indians head back to Goodyear to host the Cubs on Tuesday. Trevor Bauer is scheduled to throw the first 3-4 innings.