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Cleveland Indians fifth starter competition: poor performances and sore shoulders

T.J. House had a subpar outing yesterday, but may still have a slight advantage in the 5th starter competition

Your cranky shoulder is bringing me down, Josh
Your cranky shoulder is bringing me down, Josh
David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

The Indians may have lost yesterday, but today is the day Brandon Moss makes his Tribe debut. It's also a Monday, which generally sucks. But hey, here's some news about baseball:

Yesterday's game: Rangers 8, Indians 7

T.J. House wasn't as impressive as he was in his first Spring Training out. His bid for the 5th rotation spot took a hit when he gave up a homer in his second inning of work. The game got out of hand, and homers from Giovanny Urshella and James Ramsey weren't enough to put the Tribe back on top.

Indians news & notes

Tomlin scratched with sore shoulder: Indians quick hits | - Another competitor for the 5th starter spot, Josh Tomlin was scheduled to take the mound after House's start today. He was scratched with what Tito calls a "cranky" shoulder.

Fifth starter battle about more than numbers | - With so many candidates vying for the Indians' 5th rotation spot, the natural tendency is to compare numbers. But Terry Francona's job is about more than numbers. One of the biggest things Tito looks for is control. And it's not all about who gets the starting spot, but also who become AAA depth.

Carrasco's continued climb key to 2015 season | Did The Tribe Win Last Night? - Carlos Carrasco's career has been a roller coaster ride, but last season's second half was a rocket shot to the top. Can the Zen Cookie's new-found approach help put the Tribe on top in 2015?

When will Swisher be ready to play? | - Moss debuts today, but how much longer will it be until we see Nick Swisher? Swisher is now more machine than man now, twisted and evil. Er, I mean... he's coming back from knee surgery and, in his own word, is "grinding." Not surprisingly, it's the running that's holding him back. And there is no timetable for his return.

Can Walters play 3B? | Burning River Baseball - Zach Walters came to the Indians with the expectation of being in the mix for the RF and DH spots. But with the addition of Moss and the (possible) health of Swisher, Walters has thrown his hat into the ring to test out a handful of other positions. Could third base be an eventual landing spot?

Kluber sets tone for Indians in camp: Camp Notes | - Corey Kluber isn't just the best pitcher on the roster, but he's also become a role model for the rest of the pitching staff. Also, notes on Gavin Floyd and Zach Walters' debut at shortstop.

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