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House leads Tribe against split Rangers squad

T.J. House makes his first start of the spring, following up on his solid performance earlier this week.

Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Cleveland Indians @ Texas Rangers

Sunday, March 8, 2015 @ 4:05 ET




Remember kids, because the world hates us and daylight savings time is a thing everywhere except Arizona I guess, games will be on at 4:05 from now on.

Today's pitchers

T.J. House makes his first start of the spring, continuing his quest to lock down the 5th starter spot. House looked great in his last appearance, retiring all six batter he faced in Wednesday's win. Given that performance and Danny Salazar's mediocre performance on Friday, T.J. looks to have the leg up so far.

He faces half a Texas team fresh off the news that Yu Darvish will have to undergo Tommy John surgery. The other half of the Rangers is playing the Cubs, just FYI. Here's a look at the rest of the pitching lineup for the day:

Today's starting lineup

Michael Bourn and Carlos Santana look like the only "regulars" in the lineup today, so the young bucks have a good opportunity to showcase their stuff.

Other tidbits

The Tribe's newly acquired slugger begins his reign of terror tomorrow, making his spring debut against the Mariners:

While one man recovering from injury will debut, another will have his next appearance delayed:

All that said, let's turn back to the matter at hand and enjoy today's game.

Let's Go Tribe!