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Salazar, Tribe face off against AL champion KC Royals

The Indians take on 2014's Cinderella story in the first of many, many showdowns this year.

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Cleveland Indians vs. Kansas City Royals

Friday, March 5, 2015 @ 3:05 ET

TV: STO and



Today's pitchers

After a somewhat troubled offseason, Danny Salazar takes the mound for his first Cactus League start against KC's Yordano Ventura. Here are the other projected pitchers:

Today's starting lineup

As for the lineup, looks like a lot of the fringe and potential utility guys are getting the start today. I can't be teh only one hoping for a breakout season from The Attach v2.0, can I? Here's the full lineup - and unlike the lowly pitchers, the lineup gets a fancy picture courtesy of @Indians:

Lastly, In LGFT news of the day, Justin Masterson makes his first start back with the Boston Red Sox. We officially hate him now, right? But anyway...

Let's Go Tribe!