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Indians and Reds face off again in Wednesday's Cactus League games

Today won't end 10-0... probably.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Cincinnati Reds @ Cleveland Indians

Wednesday, March 4, 2015 @ 3:05 ET

TV: STO and



The Tribe got its Cactus League schedule off to an ugly start yesterday, losing 10-0. Clearly they just had a lot of rust to shake off, and undoubtedly things will go better today. Or maybe they won't, who knows?

Here are the pitchers scheduled to appear today for the Tribe:

Josh Tomlin, T.J. House, C.C. Lee, Nick Maronde, Will Roberts, Jeff Manship

Tomlin and House are both in the fight for the fifth spot in the starting rotation. Based on last year's performance, House would have a spot locked up, but without the same pedigree as some of the guys ahead of him, he's relegated to this position. I expect him to end up in Columbus but be the first guy called up if/when a need arrises. Tomlin is a longshot to win the spot, and probably headed to Columbus as well. If either is to surprise and win the competition, it starts with today (but likely only for two innings apiece).

Today's Tribe starting lineup:

  1. Michael Bourn (CF)
  2. Francisco Lindor (SS)
  3. Ryan Raburn (RF)
  4. Zach Walters (3B)
  5. Jesus Aguilar (1B)
  6. Carlos Moncrief (DH)
  7. Tyler Holt (CF)
  8. Roberto Perez (C)
  9. Erik Gonzalez (2B)

Francona says Gonzalez at second base has nothing to do with longterm plans, it's just a way to get him in the lineup on the same day as Lindor.

We'll hope today's game goes better than yesterday's. Remember though, we shouldn't care too much if it doesn't.