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Wednesday N&N: Cleveland Played!

Hello to you, too, Nick.
Hello to you, too, Nick.
Rick Scuteri-USA TODAY Sports

Cleveland News

Why Cleveland's 10-0 loss isn't as bad as it sounds | Hoynes explains the premise of exhibition play and offers some observations. The most interesting is on "pace of play timers":

It was hard to tell what effect they had on the Tribe's 2-hour, 50-minute game since the rules governing the timers weren't really enforced by the umpires. Pitchers were often throwing their warm-up pitches with fewer than 30 seconds left and at least once a hitter wasn't in the box when the clock expired.

Something to track.

Cleveland will go as Jason Kipnis Goes | -- Bud Shaw crosses my mind for the first time in a whilewith an interview of Kipnis. Not much new here, but there is a questionable comment about eating disorders if you've been looking for one of those. Extensive quotes from Kipnis that boil down to: haven't changed much, trying to take better care of myself, reducing lifting, increasing speed/agility work.

Moss ahead of schedule | -- Good news. Plans appear to be for Moss to appear in Spring Training.

MLB News

Curt Schilling goes Dadmode on Twitter trolls bashing his daughter | Deadspin -- If you missed it, Schilling was a bit of an internet hero over the last couple of days.

Venditte begins spring by recording out with each arm | -- Venditte is the former Yankees' farmhand who "switch-pitches"; he's been talked about for a few years. He's now in the A's organization and pitched in a cactus league game yesterday. I believe this is his first time ever in Spring Training with a major league club.

Wright scolds prospect over faux pas | -- David Wright wouldn't let Noah Snydergaard eat during an intrasquad game, and Bobby Parnell threw away his lunch and gave an incredibly patronizing quote. Baseball players exist in a world completely removed from reality, for better and for worse.