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Cleveland Indians do well in MLB Network's top 100 players

Last week, MLB Network completed their “Top 100 Players Right Now!” and the Tribe was well represented.

Three of the Tribe's four Top 100 players: Santana, Gomes, Brantley
Three of the Tribe's four Top 100 players: Santana, Gomes, Brantley
David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

MLB Network completed its annual presentation of the Top 100 Players Right Now! last week, counting them down on five episodes over three nights. They take into account the past few years of performance with 2014 having the most weight.

The Indians were well represented on this year's list:

#72 Carlos Santana

#56 Yan Gomes

#21 Michael Brantley

#15 Corey Kluber

No real surprises as those are the Tribe's four best players.

Both the Royals (Yordano Ventura-96, Salvador Perez-71, Alex Gordon-65, Greg Holland-40 and Wade Davis-39) and Tigers (Justin Verlander-98, J.D. Martinez-75, Victor Martinez-33, David Price-25 and Miguel Cabrera-7) placed five guys on the list, while White Sox tied the Indians with four (Adam Eaton-93, Jeff Samardzija,-82 Jose Abreu-9 and Chris Sale-5), and the Twins narrowly avoided being the only MLB team shut out, with Joe Mauer landing at #100.

The only critique I have with the AL Central showings on the list is that Santana is much too low (no way J.D. Martinez is his equivalent) and Verlander really doesn't deserve his nod, as he hasn't looked very good in two years now. As you can see, the division's top four teams are very evenly matched right now. (Sorry Minnesota!)

The Central's 19 players lead the American League by a wide margin. The AL West finished with 14 players (led by Seattle with 5). The mighty AL East had just 13 players, with Toronto (not Boston or New York) on top with 5 players. The Red Sox had three players (Pablo Sandoval-95, Dustin Pedroia-52 and David Ortiz-36, while the Yankees had just two guys, Tanaka-59 and Ellsbury-54.

Those division totals give the AL 46 players on the list, meaning there are 54 players from the NL. The NL West had 15, the NL East 17, and the NL Central led all of MLB with an astounding 22 players on the list. Looks like the Central divisions are where the top baseball will be played in 2015!

The Cardinals had 6 (with LGFT Jhonny Peralta at 41!), the Dodgers with 7, and the odds on favorite in the NL, the Nationals had 8. In addition to the Twins, four other teams landed only one guy on the countdown: the Orioles (Adam Jones-22), the Mets (Matt Harvey-60), the Phillies (Cole Hamels-50), and the Diamondbacks (Paul Goldschmidt-13).

Here is quick video recap of the full list:


Were there any huge omissions or mistakes?