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Sports Illustrated puts Indians on the cover, picks them to win World Series

Have they gone and jinxed it all again?

Just when it seems like we've finally recovered from this (and, to a lesser extent, this), Sports Illustrated is at it again with their scheme to derail the Indians' World Series hopes by putting them on the cover of the MLB preview issue. "Wait 'Till This Year," the title playfully jests, depicting Dr. Smooth in the throes of uproarious laughter and Klubot showing more emotion than he has in 25 years.

It's a terrifying sight. Unnatural.

The Indians cover is just one of four regional covers, but only one of them mentions the featured team actually winning the World Series, and Sports Illustrated is fully aware of which cover is bound to create the most controversy. They describe their other picks and also rehash the shame and embarrassment of '87 in an article here.

I actually found out about this situation via a text from my best friend. I echo his sentiments:

"I'm saying this is bad juju... Only in Cleveland is getting picked to win the World Series seen as a terrible thing."

Only in Cleveland, indeed. Maybe this time, the uprising won't be DOA.