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Indians turn to Salazar and young lineup against Rockies

Let's Go Tribe!

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Indians vs. Rockies

Saturday, March 21, 2015 @ 4:05 ET



Well, Trevor Bauer was lit up in last night's showing against the Angels. Let's hope that was just a fluke, and the rest of his spring is more indicative of his 2015 regular season. In the meantime, we look to today's game. Danny Salazar gets another turn on the hill. Salazar has only pitched a few innings so far this spring, and they haven't been pretty. As we get closer to Opening Day, it sure would be nice to see him get it together and throw a dominant inning or three.

Today's scheduled Indians pitchers:

Danny Salazar and a grab bag of other established stars plus hopeful prospects (in other words, who knows, because @Indians didn't tweet a pitching lineup).

Today's Indians starting lineup:

This might be the farthest from an Opening Day lineup we could possibly get.Da I honestly had to look up who Ryan Rohlinger was. Does that make me a bad Indians fan? We also get to watch the trials and tribulations of Destin Hood continue, and someone named Jerry Sands will DH. Scanning down the lineup, it also looks like we'll get to see an appearance from... TYLER HOLT!