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Corey Kluber is the best pitcher in the AL, and the best bargain

Even if the Klubot can't repeat his 2014 success, he's still the best bang for you buck in the junior circuit. Also! More on Kluber's Spring Training program, and Carlos Carrasco's work to get back into his dominant 2014 mindset.

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It's the first Monday of Spring Training. Ain't that a sight for sore ears? Or something. Yeah. Anyway, let's have a look at what's going on around baseball:

Indians news & notes

Closer Allen mature beyond his years: Indians quick hits | - Cody Allen has barely two years of experience as a closer, but Terry Francona talks about him like he's a veteran.

I don't know if a kid with his experience can be as good and mature and competitive as he is. The game never speeds up on him.

Plus tidbits on Corey Kluber and updates on Jason Kipnis' finger injury.

Kluber is a good bet and a better bargain | - There's not much more that can be said about how good Corey Kluber is at this point, but it's important to keep stressing just how incredible a bargain he is. Furthermore, his situation is vastly different than the situation of C.C. Sabathia and Cliff Lee. That he's likely not going anywhere is a great story - but not as good a story as him not needing to go anywhere.

Indians won't hold Kluber back after career high in innings | - The Klubot reached a career high in innings during his 2014 Cy Young campaign, but the Indians won't make him change his Spring Training approach. He's scheduled to pitch two innings in a simulated game on Tuesday before pitching three in his first Cactus League outing on Saturday.

Carrasco aims for same mindset as 2014 | Noted headcase Carlos Carrasco had a breakout season last year, when he learned to stop worrying and love the stretch. This year, he's started Spring Training by throwing a handful of bullpen sessions before taking the mound, in order to get himself back into the mindset that helped him dominate the second half of 2014.

Carrasco in a KISS mask: Zack Meisel's Musings | - Plus notes on several Tribe players at the dawn of spring training, including this gem:

Francona approached Roberto Perez and asked the backstop who he was catching first. Perez replied: "Cy Young."

Tidbits from around MLB

Which pitchers live on low strikes? | Sports On Earth - MLB hasn't implemented rules to limit the low strike yet, but Anthony Castrovince argues it might be a good idea for pitchers who rely on the low strike to start thinking ahead. So which pitchers rely on the low strike the most? Corey Kluber ranks 7th, and the list is littered with other Cy Young winners/candidates. If MLB does eventually make changes, they could have a profound effect on some of the best pitchers in the league.

Ellis Valentine has advice for Josh Hamilton: Fangraphs Sunday Notes | Fangraphs - Former Expo Ellis Valentine had a substance abuse problem back in the 80's, and has some choice words for Josh Hamilton as his struggles continue. Plus Manny Acta recounts his time with the Expos in Puerto Rico, where crowds filled his ears with chants of "RADIO SHACK!"

Cespedes wants to play in Detroit beyond 2015 | Michigan Live - Yoenis Cespedes, who was traded to Detroit this offseason, has been comfortable with the thought of playing in Detroit since the day he was traded. He admittedly doesn't know a lot about Detroit, but he wants to stay with them beyond this season.