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Cleveland Indians manager Terry Francona praises Erik Gonzalez

Gavin Floyd is going to miss significant time. But the Blue Jays lost a more significant arm.

his ears perked up at the words "elite prospect"
his ears perked up at the words "elite prospect"
Lance Iversen-USA TODAY Sports

• At Fangraphs, Jeff Sullivan ranks depth around Major League Baseball. The Indians fare very well, coming in at fourth, behind the Red Sox, Cardinals and Dodgers. But as Sullivan points out, a good deal of this depends on Gavin Floyd's elbow.

• ICYMI, Gavin Floyd injured his elbow again and could miss the entire 2015 season. Maybe he'll be back in time for the ALCS.

• One more fun-to-watch pitcher who won't be pitching for a very long time:

Losing one of the most underrated pitchers in the AL is a tough blow for the Blue Jays, who have dreams of contending this season.

• Let's Go Tribe's #10 Indians prospect has started to generate praise much more lofty (and important, sorry community):

Hopefully, this is the "Evan Longoria" definition of elite and not the "Joe Flacco" one.